Dipali Patel

Dipali Patel,

Dipali Patel has 2 years of experience in the UK and 9 years of experience in Indian real estate. She mostly works in the company's accounting department and oversees tenancy renewals. Dipali, also keep the VAT Filing Return to HMRC, Payment to Supplier, and Invoicing to Clients and Companies, reported to me on all financial day-to-day operations. She is able to do the specified task on time, if not a bit early sometime as she is superfast and very well focused in duties. For the past two years, she has effectively managed the account of Property Hub, Wembley Branch. She ensures that the accounting and administration division continues to run smoothly and that the essential compliances and duties of the business's tax concerns are met. Maintaining a cheerful, positive atmosphere at work and close relationships with her colleagues are characteristics of Dipali's character. We were nominated by the company for numerous other prizes in the same category and received the ESTAS Awards 2019 in recognition of our great customer service in the lettings. She was responsible for overseeing the supplier, the present tenant(s), and interactions with the landlord and the client, which frequently required courtesies, communication abilities, and job management abilities that produced Win-Win Solutions for all parties involved.

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