Refund Policy

Refund Policy & Process:

For lettings Initial holding fees (1 week of rent) are payable for holding the property and Property Hub consequently taking the property off the market (we may carry on the viewing if the landlord insists in event of full asking rent has not been offered by the applicant).

While paying the holding fees there is no guarantee of a place, as it is always subject to contract.

Holding amount is fully refunded within 14 days from the payment received by our company if Property Hub is unable to offer you a place for any reasons. However, in the event, you are unable to produce the required documents within 3 working days from the day you paid the holding fees, or in the event where you changing your mind or unable to take possession / property or unable to pay the full advance rent and deposit as soon as the contract signed, the holding amount will not be refunded or will not be transferred towards a new application / property.

If our company is unable to get hold of the applicant/client (tenant or guarantor) for collecting the required documents to perform our standard credit checks, references or money demand within 3 working days - the holding amount will not be refunded and it will be forfeited towards the administration cost.

If false information is provided by the applicant (prospective tenants or guarantor) to obtain the property - then the holding amount will not be refunded or transferred to a new application, further we may forward tenant(s) details to the police or crime agency for further investigation.

If adverse history or any kind of CCJ is not disclosed by the applicant (prospective tenant or guarantor) while placing the holding deposit - then the paid amount will not be refunded.

Should everything proceed smoothly within 3 working days since all the documents are received, you will then be notified by our office and you should be advised to check the tenancy agreement, any inventory listings and related paperwork to finalising the contract.

In the event that the owner (landlord) withdraws the contract within the contract period (before commencement date), for any reason, no refund payment will be due from our office. However, refunds may be given at the discretion of the management in rare circumstances, speak to our office manager for more details before placing the holding deposit if you have any doubt.

Property Hub Limited is trading as ' Property Hub ' and a member of TPO (Property Ombudsman Scheme, more details are available on our website).

We would like to clarify ourselves here, we only respond and work towards written requests or complaints. Verbal communication or telephonic transactions or text messages / WhatsApp message will not be considered in any event. As a company, Property Hub will only deal with the applicant directly and will not be able to discuss, respond or entertain any third party whatsoever.

Our office staff, management, associates’ agents, negotiator, worker follow and expect zero-tolerance policy. We draw a clear line that an employer working in Property Hub does not condone certain behaviours & comments, whether that's discrimination, sexual harassment, theft or use of racial slurs.
*For sales, in the event the buyer is placing the holding deposit in order to secure the sale and later for any reasons if buyer is withdrawing from the transaction (unable to buy the property), they will not be entitled for refund of the holding deposit. If the vendor changes the mind or withdraw from the sale, the full refund in 3 working days of the holding deposit will refunded to the buyer and no additional damages buyer will be able to claim thereafter from the vendor or agency.