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Tenants Guide

Finding the right rental home can be both time consuming and extremely frustrating, especially when you have a hectic schedule and commitments, so picking the right letting agent to help you can make a huge difference to your property search.

Here at Property Hub, we work hard to find you your ideal new home in the shortest possible timescale and with minimal amount of stress. We also understand that this might be your first time renting, so we’ve provide you with as much information as possible about the entire process.

Residential Tenants 

The best properties always get snapped up fastest, so registering with us helps make sure all the latest listings are delivered straight to your inbox before they have been widely marketed. Sometimes we can even let you know in advance about properties that are soon to become available and are not yet being advertised, so you can be right at the front of the queue.

So you’ve worked out your finances and taken into account fees, deposits and expenses such as council tax, water rates, gas, electricity, TV license and know how much you can afford and you can start viewing prospective properties.

Once you have found a property you are interested in, check on our website and make sure it is within easy reach of local amenities, including, schools, transport links and health services and it fits all of your chosen criteria perfectly. We’ve made it super easy for you to do by adding this information to our website.

 So what happens next?

  • Contact us and we will do our best to arrange a viewing at a time that will suit both you, the current tenant and landlord (if applicable). This can also be outside of normal office hours or at the weekend.
  • If you like the property and want to proceed further, find out how much the deposit will be, as this may vary. It is normally around the equivalent of 6 weeks rent, although some landlords require more if you have children or animals.
  • Ask how long the tenancy would run for and the terms attached to it. Don’t forget to ask if it will be renewable at the end.
  • Once you are happy to proceed, you will be asked to pay a holding fee to make sure the property is not let to someone else. This fee is normally deducted from your tenancy deposit once you have signed your tenancy agreement and moved in. This fee is refundable should your landlord pull out of the agreement but should you fail to take up the tenancy, your holding deposit is forfeit. 
  • You will also need to pay a separate fee so that we can conduct tenant checks. These will include, credit, salary and current employment checks, plus previous landlord reference if applicable otherwise a character reference. We may also need to conduct a guarantor check, if required which is chargeable.
  • We will then provide you with the tenancy agreement to check thoroughly. Please ask us if there are any things you are unsure of as once signed, it is legally binding document. Any changes required must be made before signing. We will liaise with the landlord if there are changes you want to make. We normally supply tenancy agreements but occasionally a landlord will supply their own and in this case, we will inform you and recommend you get it checked by a third party legal professional. 
  • When you are 100% happy with the agreement, you will sign the agreement and pay your deposit. Your deposit will be registered with one of the government backed Tenancy Deposit Schemes (DPS) to ensure it is kept safe, We will supply you with details of the one yours is registered with.
  • Most landlords have building insurance but it is worth taking out contents insurance as their policy will not cover your own personal property or damage caused by yourself. Some landlords insist on contents insurance. If this is the case, it will be in your tenancy agreement.

Moving in.

  • Once you have the keys to your property, it is tempting to just move all of your belongings in but we recommend you take a few minutes to do things like take meter readings, locate stopcocks and check that the gas and electric certificates are in date and that the instruction manuals are there.
  • We also advise you to thoroughly check the inventory and notify either us or your landlord of any discrepancies immediately. Take photographs if possible. This will help avoid possible dispute at a later date.
  • During your tenancy, you will be expected to notify us or your landlord in a timely manner of any maintenance issues requiring attention. Failure to do so could incur increased repair costs that could impact on your deposit. 
  • Should any maintenance or checks be required, we will notify you in advance that access will be required.
  • Throughout your tenancy, you will be expected to adhere to the terms of your agreement at all times and be responsible for maintenance detailed in your contract. Your agreement will also detail your landlord’s maintenance responsibilities.
  • If your circumstances change during your tenancy, you are required to notify either us or your landlord.
  • Rent is usually paid either monthly or quarterly in advance.
  • You are responsible for the following bills:
  1. Utilities (gas, electricity, water)
  2.  Council Tax
  3. Television licence
  4. Telephone / Broadband
  5. Installation of cable/satellite (if permitted and applicable)
  6. Subscription to cable/satellite supplier
  7. Insurance (contents)

At the end of the tenancy, you may want to renew your tenancy and fees will therefore apply. Should you wish to vacate the property, you will need to pay for:

  • Professional cleaning of the property.
  • Inventory check-out service 

Your deposit will be returned to you on vacating the property, less any agreed dilapidations (damage) incurred. Any disputes will be referred back to the Tenant Deposit Scheme’s free dispute service.

Commercial Tenants 

Commercial tenants have additional considerations to take into account when renting.

Deposits are usually equivalent to six months' rental amount.
Legal fee (payable to your appointed solicitor)
Reference fee payable by each tenant/guarantor
Bank reference fee (payable to your bank)
Administration & Process Fee


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