Selling Terms

We are happy to notify our vendors that we operate on a "No Success, No Fees" basis. Our fees are contingent on the service we give to our clients and ensuring that the sales process and experience of the vendor remain smooth and seamless. We make sure vendors have the results they seek while also seeing to it that the requirements of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations are met. We assist our clients from the outset and make plans that minimise fall throughs in case a buyer runs into a problem that might influence their choice to buy and they can make a firm decision. We comprehend that the inquiries on the Property Information Questionnaire might sometimes be confusing for vendors who may not have recently sold a property (PIQ). We recognise this and want to work with them to finish the PIQ because errors and omissions frequently cause conveyancers to raise questions, which causes delays in the transaction. This in turn aggravates customers, delays payments, and raises the possibility of a failed transaction. To prepare all the necessary paperwork, images, and sales information, estate agents and vendors must collaborate. They must also take into account any additional corrective measures necessary to make the property marketable and saleable.

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