Report a Fault

Report a Fault

If you smell gas, think you have a gas leak, or have any concerns regarding carbon monoxide, immediately open all windows and doors and extinguish any naked flames.

Call the Gas Emergency Services free on 0800 111 999 or dial 999. This is a national number and is available to all areas of UK.

It is important that repairs which fall under the landlord's responsibilities are reported swiftly. Failure to do so could cause further damage to the property / neighbouring properties and you incur the costs.

Your landlord is responsible for :

The property's structure and exterior, basins, sinks, baths, WCs and other sanitary fittings including pipes and drains heating and hot water, gas, appliances, pipes, flues and ventilation, electrical wiring and any damage caused by repair work.

Emergency repairs are a hazard that could cause a health and safety risk to you, other people. Serious damage to the property must be dealt with in timely manner and within 24hrs of reporting it. We would recommend you to follow up with us at all times and co-operate by entering the details in the given form and then calling us on 0208 903 1002 or 0208 459 3333.

If you are reporting an emergency repair (examples could include):

Structural building damage

Fire alarm system failure

Total loss of heating in winter months

Total loss of gas supply

Total loss of electrical power

Burst water main or loss of water pressure

Serious water leak or flooding

Insecure outside doors or windows

Blocked or leaking foul drain or soil away

Blocked or broken toilet where there is only one toilet available

Urgent Repairs must be dealt with within 3-4 days of reporting and may include things like:

Blocked drains, sinks, basins and toilets, where there is more than one in the property.

Total loss of hot water in the summer months, except in vulnerable occupancy, is then classed as an Emergency Repair.

Minor plumbing leaks

Minor electrical faults

Defective flooring that could cause a trip hazard

Please note that any blockages caused by tenants or their visitors are the responsibility of the tenant and repairs must be carried out by them or pay for the arranged services.

Reactive repairs are more likely to be cosmetic or superficial and must be dealt with within 30 working days of reporting the defect (examples could include):

Grouting or replacement seals


Garden / Fence issues

Dripping tap

It is always advisable to take photographs of any faults and you can attach them to our fault reporting form.

Report Fault reported to matters which cannot he dealt by agency / landlord:

A noise problem like loud music, noisy pubs, neighbour's parties or barking dogs, blocking driveway, illegal activities, you must report to your local council and obtain reference number.

Report a crime or antisocial behaviour by calling the police emergency 999 and non-emergency 101.

For more information, please contact us on 0208 903 1002 or Email:

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