UK homeowners that want to take the advantage of the holiday stamp duty then we advise that they take their actions quickily as the demand to get a mortgage is very high. aditional to that coronavirus is making delays to the process.


before the Stamp Duty Holiday was announced it would take only two weeks for your applications and now it is taking a month or maybe even more!


In some parts of the country the process is taking longer, With buyers in the East Midlands taking 166 days to complete a deal.


In our current situation the conditions to get a mortgage have changed. Getting a mortgage at this time is much harder than before as lenders are looking at more recent bank statements as to statements from the previous few years. The reason for this is that those who are self-employed are unable to work during these difficult times.


Our new lockdown that has just started may 


Buyers don’t have to pay any stamp duty on homes worth £500,000 or less. This applies to all residential property, although second home-buyers will still pay 3% stamp duty. As such, you can now save as much as £15,000 on your house purchase tax bill.


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