Tenants and landlords have been allowed to vote at Bristol City Council following the overturning of their ban.

16 councillors or so were not permitted to vote on or debate proposed rent controls in Bristol as council lawyers said there were conflicting interests.

However, they have now been allowed to vote and join discussions.

The move to bring in rent controls in Bristol was backed by Labour and Green and, despite opposition from Conservatives, was agreed.

Although the council lacks the legal authority to enact rent restrictions, city officials are urging the government to modify the legislation.

Other measures agreed upon included a living rent index and a database of rogue landlords so Bristol renters could identify whose landlords had breached the law.

Council members are prohibited from voting on matters from which they could financially profit, or when they have a "pecuniary interest." With a dispensation, councils can, nevertheless, make an exception. The subcommittee on values and ethics of the council is now expected to approve a four-year dispensation.

A report to the committee says: “A number of councillors had disclosable pecuniary interest as either tenants or landlords in the [rent controls] motion, and were therefore unable to participate in the debate or vote on the motion.”

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