Landlords across Britain will be barred from letting out their properties
unless they make them more energy-efficient — at an average cost of
£5,000 a time — under government plans to hit net-zero emissions from

The government is poised to announce legislation that will require all
privately rented homes to be rated EPC-C, the third-highest level of energy
efficiency. Those who let out homes that do not meet the target will face
fines of up to £15,000.

Measures to help make homes more energy efficient include installing
better boilers and loft and wall insulation, and the use of low-energy lighting
and draught-proofed windows.

The Times has been told that the rule will apply to all new lettings from
2026, a year later than originally planned, and all existing lettings from

The government have proposed that all rental properties will need an EPC rating of 'C' or above by 2025.

Similar to the previous changes, the new regulations will be introduced for new tenancies first, followed by all tenancies from 2028.

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