Giving something back to the community is a large part of what PROPERTY HUB is all about!!!


We are pleased to sponsor once again DKNS's Sport Day 2018... Come and join us, register and enjoy a wide variety of social activities as well as support groups and Service Clubs.


We would like to thank DKNS ( for organising an amazing sports event on 22nd July 2018 (Vale Farm sports centre, Sudbury).


We are pleased to sponsor this event which recognises and rewards individuals, who will demonstrate excellence in sports.


It will be our great pleasure to reward the players with property hub trophies.


Sports activities and interests provide many positive opportunities for youth. Our society is competitive, and we should teach our children to function in competition and how to both win and lose as good sports. Youth must learn that winning and losing is temporary, and that they can't give up or quit. Learning to become a team player is also important for children who may prefer to be the centre of attention. We look forward to sponsor many positive events in the future.

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