Meet The Team


Sachin Gupta, Founder

Sachin Gupta


Meet the founder of Property Hub Mr. Sachinkumar Gupta, BSc.,MARLA, MNAEA, Member of NLA & LLAS. He is a fully qualified member of National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), Association... Read more

Mahendra  Gupta, Admin Manager

Mahendra Gupta

Admin Manager

Mahendra is an admin expert in our office; he loves to help people with renewal and where they reports the fault / breakdown from the property. Mahendra has a passion for helping many of his... Read more

Nayan Barot, Letting Administrator

Nayan Barot

Letting Administrator

Nayan has got over 5 years experience within the estate agency industry in admin department and he is a key person for new applicant and their application to secure the property. He has shown an... Read more

Ritika Vaswani, Residential / Commercial Administrator

Ritika Vaswani

Residential / Commercial Administrator

Ritika deals with commercial / residential properties; she is very young dynamic individual with lots of character and enthusiasm. Ritika is fast learner with genuine helping nature. She has... Read more

Amruta  Pandya, Sales Administrator

Amruta Pandya

Sales Administrator

Amruta is star in our sales team; she was gone through lots of professional training and provided excellent conversion rate of SOLD properties. She is having a positive approach towards all the... Read more

Duke , Our meet and greet buddy


Our meet and greet buddy

Duke, a true ambassador of our office, he is highly well trained & responds to both verbal & hand signals. He has all basic commands such as sit, stay (in various positions), give his paw, etc...... Read more

Nehal Virani, MSc. in Real Estate Development. The Director

Nehal Virani

MSc. in Real Estate Development. The Director

Nehal is a hardworking, self-motivated and creative business owner. She is a highly qualified realtor within the UK, who is always keen to take part in new challenges and over exceed her business... Read more

Alexander Ragheb, Sales Manager

Alexander Ragheb

Sales Manager

Before Alex began his career at Property Hub, he was attending a Royal Military Academy where he successfully graduated in 2013. Alex is known to be disciplined and have a positive approach to... Read more

Viveca Baguandas, Letting Manager

Viveca Baguandas

Letting Manager

Viveca is a letting expert in our office; she loves to help people move into their dream home and is set to become the best negotiator within the industry. Viveca has a passion for helping... Read more

Nimisha Shah, Accountants and Admin

Nimisha Shah

Accountants and Admin

Nimisha has got over 5 years experience within the Estate agency industry in accounts and the admin sector. She has shown excellent customer service by keeping accounts and rent chase up to date... Read more

Vikram Baguandas, Commercial Negotiator

Vikram Baguandas

Commercial Negotiator

Vikram deals with commercial properties; he is very young dynamic individual with lots of character and enthusiasm. Vikram picked up the industry so fast in his short time here that no one... Read more


Theepan Rajasekaran, Director, Property Hub of Ruislip

Theepan Rajasekaran

Director, Property Hub of Ruislip

Theepan is one of the youngest entrepreneurs to start up an Estate Agency. People often say it’s difficult to find a job/career that is right for you however Estate agency is where his heart has... Read more

Sujitha Kalaichandran, LLB ( Hons), Branch Manager

Sujitha Kalaichandran

LLB ( Hons), Branch Manager

Suji has completed her LLB (Hons) in 2014 and immediately started her career within the United Kingdom’s governments starting at Westminster Magistrates Court and swiftly moving on a promotion... Read more

Nishanthini Vinothan, Accountants and Admin

Nishanthini Vinothan

Accountants and Admin

Nisha has over 10 years experience within the Estate agency industry and have always done Accounting and book keeping. she believe that accounting is a fundamental part of our life, as every... Read more

Nilaxshan Jebarajan, Letting Negotiator

Nilaxshan Jebarajan

Letting Negotiator

Nilak is letting start of our office, he loved to help people moving and his dream is to become the best negotiator on London. Nilak, helped many people finding their dream home and get them move... Read more

Renola , Training Negotiator


Training Negotiator

Renola is very young individual with lots of character and charms. She recently joined us, however picked up industry so fast that no one can judge that she is been working for just under year.... Read more

Sinthuja Thuairajasingam, Sales Negotiator

Sinthuja Thuairajasingam

Sales Negotiator

Prior to joining Property Hub Ruislip, Sinthuja has worked as a teacher across both sections of the education sector in addition to her background in retail sales. . Having gained a vast spectrum... Read more

Charlie , Our meet and greet staff buddy


Our meet and greet staff buddy

Charlie is a WONDERFUL, playful, athletic dog just full of personality! He's full of life and love! He is the "ball chaser player" of dogs! He's able to catch a treat thrown from across the... Read more

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